Wellcome to Mitsutoge Sanso(三ツ峠山荘).

We are the mountain lodge located near the top of Mt.Mitsutoge.(三つ峠)
You can see great view of Mt.Fuji in all season from our lodge .
Moment of sunrise and sunset is most beautiful in day.
We are looking forward to your staying!

List of charges
・\9000 One night with two maels(in winter added more \500)
・\5500 One night without meals(in winter added more \500)
・\700 Taking shower(except winter season)

・Call 090-5339-6238
・e-mail mitsutoge.sansou@gmail.com
・instagram mitsutoge_sanso
Let us know your informations. Date, Name, Nationality, Number of people, Route of trail to our lodge.

About climbing Mt.Mitsutoge
Refer to these articles.
https://en.japantravel.com/yamanashi/climbing-mount-mitsu-touge/2057 by Nicole Bauer.
https://en.japantravel.com/yamanashi/mitsu-touge-sansou/23756 by Niek Ceylan.

4h10m From Kawaguchiko station.
4h20m From Mitsutoge station.
3h30m From Kawaguchi Sengen shrine.(Kawaguchi kyokumae bus stop)
1h20m From Mitsutoge trail entrance. (Mitsutoge Tozanguchi bus stop)